Challenge Accepted

To be able to accept drastic changes in life, one has to have the will to be able to do so. The will to survive and get through what I had set my life up for to that point. I am the type of person that takes the good, the bad, and the ugly.

For most of my life, up until now, I was manipulated. Manipulated to think one way and not another. I was manipulated to the point that I thought I could not come home because I did not have a passport. I had my birth certificate and an old ID but nothing else. I was convinced that If I didn’t go through the process at the American Embassy, which was costly there, I would not get back home. I remember being in the pueblo in the middle of an event and everyone talking about Trump going to be elected as president. The conversations were about how it was going to be harder to cross the border into the United States. I was told by a visitor from California that if I planned to go home, now would be the best time to do so. I didn’t have the money or time to wait through the process at the embassy I told him. He proceeded to tell me that they would let me across with what I had in my possession. To say that my mouth hit the floor is an understatement. He glared at the one that brought me there then looked back at me. He actually thought I knew when it was the opposite. Mad was a highly underrated emotion that moment. All these years, even what I was told by my own family, I had to have a passport. Almost six years I spent away from everyone and everything that I had known or loved. The look that he gave that guy would have killed him had he not known how he was. I was gone in my mind already.

After weeks and weeks of convincing, I was finally given the money for a bus ticket to Houston, Texas. When I got there I had another ticket waiting on me from my brother to Atlanta, GA. I made a bus trip through that country back home by myself. I did not care though, I was going home. I came from the border with 27 dollars in my pocket and still had that money two weeks later. That was the longest trip of my life. The bus line was stopped numerous times coming through that country by their military checking people. Stopped by cartel members, masked, locked, and loaded with machine guns. No doubt in my mind God never left my side.

My trip home came to an end when my sister picked me up in Georgia on October 15, 2016. On her birthday as a matter of fact. I made it back home once again to start over. I started working that following week and have been going full force since. I met my partner in life, who was in a sense starting from nothing also. Together we have worked hard to get where we are at today. We bought our first house together, cars, and all that material stuff. We got married on September 7, 2019 at our house outside surrounded by family and friends. I prepared all the food all the way down to the cake and we had a day to remember.

Challenges are a part of life and everyone has a different story, but no matter what you may experience God is always with you. He never has left my side and I have had the pleasure to experience and see many miracles through him. My story is full of challenges and miracles that was and still is led by God’s mighty hand.

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