Forgiveness has been one of the hardest obstacles that I have had to overcome during my journey. It has not been an easy process and when I finally dealt with myself on the level of forgiveness, it was even harder. So many things come into play like every emotion and with dealing with yourself, pride and ego like to slip into play also.

My happiness truly started when I worked through all this stuff in my life. Forgiving the people that through my own life that I felt done wrong toward myself or my family. The relationships that I had been in. Even back to my childhood. All of that stuff has to be set free. It has to be about you, not the other person. Simply not allowing them or their actions to affect you now. When you do inner work and let go and let God take the wheel, the joy is unexplainable.

When I finally forgave myself, it was hard. The whole process was but it was all worth it. The joy that follows, the peace. Forgiveness is essential. Essential to be able to find true happiness.

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