My journeys in life have taken me many places searching for exactly where I am meant to be. The feeling of being out of place throughout my life is not an unfamiliar emotion for me because I remember that emotion as early as my childhood. Regardless I have always had a strong desire to be a positive influence in other people’s lives. With that being said, my journey in healthcare started in 2018. I recall telling my husband one day, because we worked together before, that I felt as if I needed to be doing something more. So during my search, I got the opportunity to start working with dialysis patients. My door finally opened, were my thoughts.

Learning has always been a joy for me personally. So in this field, I have learned many things, as well as seen many things. My desire to be able to help people has only intensified while working in this field, just not in the same way. To be able to help an individual to get through a week is one thing but think about permanently improving their health in the simplest way. Thus after working in this field I have decided to move toward the more permanent side of healthcare. The preventive side that doctors don’t really talk about. Well, the doctors that I have seen throughout my life haven’t talked about it much. It always takes this medication and that and everything leads to monthly prescriptions. Which in return deposits more harmful chemicals in your body that should not be there, thus causing more problems. That is just a little inside peek at some of my thoughts on healthcare. Apart from the fact that I have experienced nothing but health problems since working there, seeing doctor after doctor even having surgery and still was not completely better. So me taking the matter of my life and putting My trust in God concluded my search for wellness. He is the best physician ever that no man could ever touch his capabilities. With his gifts, I have done more for my health than I could have ever done following another advice.

My perception is not to change your beliefs but to maybe open your eyes a bit wider to the actuality of the world around us, just saying. So I have decided to take the higher road to healthcare and with that being said I will be pursuing a different type of healthcare field. The type that has more benefits than harmful effects.

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