Humans can impact lives in many different ways. The way a person is treated by another or simply actions around a person. Whether or not it’s meant a certain way, without communication it could be taken opposite of the intentions. With that being stated, one must always try to have pure intentions and do and say things with just that.

The story, which is mine, that I chose to speak on is with every intention of being a positive impact on someone who may need it. My life certainly has not been easy but regardless I am grateful for all the good and bad. To be in place to be so accepting of that has not been easy. I have forgiven people that have never apologized and most of all I forgave myself for my shortcomings. I just hit on the things that I think could be a positive impact on people that I see struggling with different things. To be able to say I went through all of this and I am here full of joy and happiness and that there is hope is something nobody else can do because my life is one of a kind. I don’t want sympathy from anyone, just for someone to be encouraged that what it is that you may be going through, there is hope. God found me at my lowest and picked me up, he will you too.

Stay Blessed y’all!!

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