Since the start of the year 2020, the word essential has been stretched to the limit. To be essential in this world we live in today, according to worldly standards, is to work in healthcare, grocery stores, etc. All the essentials that we need are based on man’s perception. In today’s society, doctors are essential because of the widespread sickness or illness that plagues our world. This makes me think about the bible verse Romans 8:28. The Bible was meant to be a guide of sorts. It talks about past events and through years and many different translations, it is my belief to be changed up to fit a belief system. My belief system is based on love. To me, that is what God is and his intentions for everyone to love and be loved. Everything was made in his perfect image and he gave us all everything to sustain us. Think about that for a second. People would live hundreds of years back in days past. Our minds today and the way life is as we know it today make it hard to believe that. The logic in that the way we live today is hard to see. God made the world and everything in it. He made man and from man, he made the woman as a companion to multiply on the earth. When he made the world, he made everything to sustain us. Not to rely on man’s way or what they say to be correct. The sun, moon, stars, animals trees, everything was given to us by his great hand. People lived for hundreds of years, why? Because their reliance on our creator was all they had. They didn’t rely on healthcare or doctors or pharmacy to get well. They didn’t rely on big box stores to supply their needs. They knew they were living with everything they needed to sustain themselves.

My point is God and his way of life is more essential than we know. Although the world has evolved so much since the beginning of time doesn’t take away the fact that he gave everything to us first. He said everything works together for the good according to his greater plan for our life. God is love. Anything negative, he is not. Money is the root of all evil and the world today has been built around that. Out of his love for us, everyone has the chance to open their eyes and believe in the good and that was his perfect intention for everyone. I can’t push my beliefs on anyone but I can honestly say that God has been all the essential that I could ever need. My regret is that I didn’t realize that sooner in my life. My seed of hope for this world will grow because I do believe and I see, what God’s perfect love has done for me.

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